I Just Wanted To Make Stuff!

There are three different types of entrepreneurs:

  1. The person who didn’t go to business school but has a fantastic service, talent or products that they want to share with others while hopefully making money doing this craft they love.
  2. The person who didn’t go to business school but has some extra money and has done some research on investing some money into new businesses and would like to take a crack at it.
  3. The person that went to business school and knows not only the value and risk involved in starting a business but knows most of the steps to try to do it right.

For those of us in the first two categories, it can be daunting when we realize that being talented, smart, hardworking and passionate about our trade doesn’t guarantee a successful business, and we can’t always rely on others to handle the “business” side of our business. Or, the “business” side is actually doing fine, but we are having a hard time getting our name out there.

We can read books, blogs, and go to seminars, but wouldn't you rather just focus on your trade? Do you really have time to try to learn to code or how to use design software? Wouldn't your current customers benefit more from that time and attention (or even your family, pets, or yourself!)? 

That's where Atomic Graphics can help you. You've already contacted us to make your logo or website. Did you also know we're marketing and advertising specialists? We've gone to business school and art school. We've got you covered, and can create a hassle-free, no stress marketing strategy to get more customers to your door, guaranteed. Take advantage of this convenience, my friend!