Top 3 Reasons Why Restaurants Need a Website

So many restaurants nowadays are relying solely on social media as their online presence, because they don't have the time, budget or know-how to create a website. By doing this they are missing out on hundreds, possibly thousands of customers. Here's why.

3. Not everyone has Facebook or Instagram.

Most people are looking for a place to eat on their smartphones. They may have special dietary needs or want to know if a kids menu is available. If the only place to find a current menu is on Facebook, and they don't have a Facebook account, they cannot access your profile without signing up for Facebook. With the recent Facebook scandal, not only have thousands of people deleted their accounts, but more people who never signed up for an account are happy to continue not being a part of the personal info leaking site. A lot of these people are older, and they like spending money at restaurants, but how will they know if your restaurant is the place they want to spend their money?

2. Yelp is ruining your reputation.

Any ding-dong with an opinion can post a review on Yelp, and usually, it's only when they're mad. I have worked with several honorable restaurant owners with clean facilities and fantastic food, who have gotten rotten reviews on Yelp or Google because people are always going to find something they don't like. There are also people who have learned that the squeaky wheel gets the oil, and sometimes they can squeeze a free meal out of a restaurant by saying something negative online. 

If you have your own website, with professional images of your food and dining area, you'll make the first impression of your restaurant yourself, when people do an online search and click on your link before clicking on Yelp. You can also have your full menu listed legibly and conveniently, instead of Yelp's goofy menu interface.

3. It's cheaper than you think, and the best marketing you can buy.

Like I said before, almost everyone is searching for a place to eat, using their smartphones. Paying for an ad in a newspaper, magazine, and or Yellow Pages is just not affordable anymore, and doesn't have nearly the reach of an online presence. Check out our fantastic rates, and talk to us about our search engine optimization packages. We also register your website with the top search engines for free, so contact us today!