Top 5 Free Resources For Female Entrepreneurs

I'm a resource junky! Why redesign the wheel, you know? There is so much valuable (but FREE!) goodness out there for us ladies to get our hands on, minds around, and to apply to our businesses. Here are my top five favorites:


5. Thought Rocket e-newsletter

Thought Rocket was created by Will Marre, a motivational corporate speaker who loves to surf. Each newsletter delivers a wonderful tip (usually in a short video) about creating a better career, better relationships, and a happier life. Getting these little feel-good nuggets are a super way to kick-start some thought-provoking changes for the better, and they really put your head in a good space for creating and producing quality products and business.

Will is also a huge advocate for female empowerment in the workplace. He started the SMART Power Academy, to train women for leadership positions. I like to support men who like to support women!

4. Off the Charts Business Podcast with Nathalie Lussier.

I just love the ease and availability of podcasts. If you haven’t delved into them yet, you’ve just got to start downloading stat! You can listen to them in the car, while you’re working, shopping, exercising ... the possibilities are endless.

Nathalie Lussier is a digital strategist and designed her first website when she was twelve-years-old! She is a master of online marketing, and in her super interesting podcast, she interviews a plethora of guests to give expert advice on business practices.

Some past interviews include such gems as

3. Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast with Annemarie Cross.

Annemarie Cross is known as “The Podcasting Queen,” and specializes in brand and communication strategies. She’s a business coach and absolutely full of fantastic information. Some of her past episodes include topics like:

She also produced another podcast called, Women in Leadership! I haven’t had a chance to listen to this one yet, but I’m downloading episodes right now!

2. from Lara Galloway 

Lara Galloway is a personal coach who’s niche market is entrepreneur moms. Sometimes, I swear she’s speaking right to me or has read my mind. I have been worried about something (usually pertaining to my business or parenting), I searched through her Mom Biz Solutions Podcast archive, and (sure enough!) there is an episode about my quandary, with a list of fantastic, doable solutions!

She also co-wrote a book called, Moms Mean Business, and it's conveniently enough on Audible as well. I highly recommend it!

1. Marie TV with Marie Forleo

Words cannot describe how my views on running my own business have changed since Marie Forleo popped up on my YouTube search. Her videos are short, to the point, and entertaining as hell! Marie fans love her because she is genuine and completely herself while delivering outstanding, relevant advice to female entrepreneurs. There are hundreds of free videos available, and once you pop, and can't stop!

She also created B-School and The Copy Cure. These two programs are not free, but they are worth every penny!